In the year 1210, the Second Hantei Dynasty came to an end with the execution of Hantei XXXI at the hands of Yoritomo Kosho, who declared himself Emporer Kosho I.

In the years that followed, he moved the Imperial Capital to Kyuden Kosho on the isle of SIlk and Spice. He reformed the Mantis clan from the Yoritomo, Gunsai, Moshi, and Tsurichi family. He also welcomed both the Spider Clan, who are given the duty to control the Shadowlands, and welcomed Ganjin trade.

The year is now 1407. Emperor Kosho XIV has been on the throne for 16 years. He is now 44, and the court believes that he will retire and give the throne to his son, Kosho Ishime, on the 200th aniversary of the Kosho Dynasty.

However, forces conspire to ensure the Dynasty does not make it to 200 years. Several of these conspiracies begin to gather in Ryoko Owari.

Empire in Rebellion

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