Empire in Rebellion

Chapter 1: Maniacs

Wherin we see the seeds of rebelion

Suzume Tage arrived in Ryoko Owari, as the yojimbo to Ikoma Tanaka. As they were exploring the city, they came across a group of Strongarm Firemen attacking Kasuga Kin. They managed to beat the thugs, but Kin was injured. They sent for a healer, and left Kin in the care of Mari.

As Tage and Tanaka continued to explore the city, they received heard word of an underground tournament occuring at Soba Ryu . Tanaka wished to experience it, and so they were set on going. They invited Kin to join them, and he was happy to peddle his wares.

They were lead into the ring under the restaurant. There, Yasuki Ryu was entertaining the beautiful bushi Bayushi Mai and the famous actor Shosuro Kurisotofa. Kin seized the opportunity to present them all with his wares. The merchant left partway through the tournament to prepare to meet the crowds departing with his curry cart.

As the tournament reached it’s final match, between Nobuku and Bayushi Mai, a company of the Emerald Legion surrounded the building, capturing Kin as he returned, and everyone enjoying the fights and gambling in the basement. They were taken to the Emerald Magistrate’s Residence and held in a series of cells in teh basement.

As soon as the door to the cell Kin and Tage shared with Shosuro Kuristofa was closed, the scorpion began to dig in the back of the roughly hewn cell. His efforts quickly revealed a secret tunnel. Before the opening was wide enough to allow passage, the guards returned for the actor, so he dropped a fan in the hole.

Tage read the fan, which stated that “Payment has been sent. Met for pickup midnight, night of full moon, ”/wikis/lucky-cat-village" class=“wiki-page-link”> Lucky Cat Village. The minor clansmen decided to wait for judgement instead of using the tunnel.

Ikoma Tanaka was interviewed early, and his clan sent him home, but he made arrangements for Tage to be spoken to early. The sparrow was brought before Otomo Kasumi. After a quick interview, where he described traveling the city with Tanaka, but failing to mention Soshi-san’s fan, the Sparrow was released.

Outside, it turned out the walls to the residence were lined with rifle-wielding Emerald Legionaires, with the Thunder Guard waiting with bows in the streets around the house. Tage walked carefully between the groups, and then was stopped by the Scorpion Magistrate, Soshi Takumi.

Tage revealed to the scorpion the details of the fan and the tunnel. Kuristofa had not yet been released, so Takumi took the information with great interest.

Kin was forced to wait several more hours, without a minor clan patron, and was released after a very purfuctory interview, just before dawn. The standoff was still happening in the street, but the Tortoise hurried past, and grabbed a few hours of sleep before putting his new plan in motion.

Around noon, he hired Kuni Grace, a dangerous seeming samuria monk, to act as his Yojimbo. He headed down the road to Lucky Cat village, under the guise of a simple curry salesmen. He sold his wares along the road, and to the villagers, and waited for night to fall.

In the fields, he found two strangers waiting around midnight. Moshi Yuko and her body guard Tsurichi Kobayashi. Kin tried to gauge why they were there, while trying to sell them curry, but as they were waiting for a clandestine meeting, they tried to hurry him away.

Grace, meanwhile, was surprised when he realized he had known Yuko many years before. It turns out she had been travelling the spirit realms. She had returned with Scales of the Fire Dragon, which could be used to agitate fire kami, and potentially destroy black powder and cartridges, a major source of the Emperor’s power. Grace gladly took the 3 scales.

That’s when they noticed someone was spying on them in the field. Grace chased the Shinobi, but Yuko summoned a dragon that caught him. Despite Yuko’s protestations, Grace killed the shinobi, making it look like a seppekku, with Kobayshi’s approval.


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